Atemporal Ethical Home Interiors has become an essential reference in the high decoration market, both Spanish and European. Our innovative model and our way of combining design, quality and creativity have meant that, nowadays, the most recognized decorators and interior designers opt for our collections to bring their projects to life.

Our main objective is to offer a quality product that fits the different needs of each costumer. When creating our products, we not only consider the purpose for which they will be used, but the impact they will have on the environment. Therefore, in 2017, we adjusted the entire production process and materials towards a more sustainable path.

What makes a difference:

  • Passion for the well done work. 
  • Obsession to seduce through the variety of colors and textures. 
  • To offer each client what they need, responding day by day to their wishes. 
  • Crafts as the only answer to the unique and as an excellent solution to differentiation.


Contemporaries combine new trends in interior design. The creativity and functionality we want today. Colors, materials and design in its purest form.

LINEN Collection

Romantic and timeless. A collection that exceeds time and fashion. 


A unique, current, innovative and different concept.