A very personal sofa, a custom sofa, like going to the tailor.

MISURA allows us to freely create our design. Choose the type of foot height and the material (wood or metal), the shape, width and size of the arms, the height of the backrest, the hardness of the seat, the hardness of the backrest ... say how you want it and we will make it for you.

Options: armchairs, sofas, sofa beds and modular.

Technical characteristics

  • Combined wood frame detachable in 4 sections: arms, backrest and base seat. 15 Years Guarantee.

  • Base suspension system using elastic straps. 10 Years Guarantee.

  • Arm and backrest cushions filled with anti-allergic acrylic fiber. Years Guarantee.

  • Seat cushions filled with medium density foam (default), anti-allergic acrylic fiber top layer. Other options: hard and soft density. Years Guarantee.

  • 14 cms high chromed metal legs with a plastic block to protect de floor. Other options: legs height 4 y 7 cms.
  • Totally removable, cushions and frame.

  • Optionally we can adapt relax mechanisms in seats, backrests and heads.


  • Backrest height: total external measure 90 cm (available 80/85/90/95/100 * / 105 * / 110 * and 115 * cm).
  • Free height from the ground: free distance between the ground and the base structure. 3.7 or 14 cm.
  • Legs with heights of 3, 7 or 14 cm: Multiple designs in wood or metal.
  • Arm height: Allows us to choose the measure of arm height that best suits us.
  • Arms width: We can also modify the design by modifying the width of the arms (available 5/10/15/20/25 * and 30 * cm).

Custom handmade manufacturing on request. 

Vegan furniture · For animal welfare and consumer health Atemporal rejects the use of leather or feathers in their designs. 

* If you want a budget adjusted to your needs, you can visit your nearest Official Distributor. 

Product Guarantee

Our designs are manufactured to the measure you want as well as in an extensive range of fabrics, for this reason its price may vary according to your needs.

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