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Margot Viarnès Design

Design: armchairs, sofas and modulation (wide possibility in measures and special adaptations).

Technical Characteristics:

  • 100% solid wood frame from sustainable forests. Detachable frame in 4 sections (arms, backrest and base seat). No agglomerate or derivatives are used. Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Removable cushions and fixed frame. Removable frame option. Base suspension system using elastic straps. 15 Years Guarantee.

  • Backrest and arm cushions filled with acrylic fiber not mixed with other materials. Years Guarantee.

  • Seat cushions filled with foam. Years Guarantee.

  • Backrest cushions support rods in chrome finish, default. Another option: black finish.

  • Metal legs with plastic block to protect the floor. 

  • Removable cushions and fixed frame. Removable frame option. 

Custom handmade manufacturing on request. 

Customization: allows variations with respect to the original design (see available modifications). 

Vegan furniture · For animal welfare and consumer health Atemporal rejects the use of leather or feathers in their designs. 

If you want a budget adjusted to your needs, you can visit your nearest Official Distributor. 

Product Guarantee

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