Adela & Adela VEF


Design: armchair and sofas.

Technical characteristics

  • Combined wood frame detachable in 4 sections: arms, backrest and base seat. 15 Years Guarantee.

  • Base suspension system using elastic straps. 10 Years Guarantee.

  • Seat cushions filled with foam, anti-allergic acrylic fiber top layer. Years Guarantee.

  • Hidden black wood PVC legs.

  • Totally removable. 

ADELA VEF Vegan&Ecologic Furniture® 

Designarmchair, sofa and pouff (wide possibility in measures and special adaptations).

Technical characteristics:

  • 100% solid wood frame from sustainable forests. Removable frame in 4 sections (arms, backrest and base seat). No agglomerate or derivatives are used. Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Base suspension system using elastic straps. 15 Years Guarantee.

  • Seat cushion combined with Biofoam Confort® foam, it does not contain toxic elements, does not have medical contraindications, does not cause discomfort in contact with the skin. The essential oils contained in the formulation are odorless. Biofoam Confort® it is exempt from CFC and other products harmful to the ozone layer. Water based adhesive, without petroleum based solvents. 100% recyclable anti-allergic acrylic fiber cushion top layer and not mixed with other materials. Wet thread without solvents. 10 Years Guarantee.

Custom handmade manufacturing on request. 

If you want a budget adjusted to your needs, you can visit your nearest Official Distributor.

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