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Oruga Concept 2008 Design

We have always considered that the good piece of furniture design is one that is born as a user and for the user. The challenge was to design a sofa for us. As users we had to start to consider how to improve our own sofa. 

In the first place it should be a light sofa, which would allow me to move it effortlessly. The base material for its construction should be comfortable, durable and very light, high strength polyurethane, so we could achieve a light and fluffy structure while being non-deformable with use. 

Independent cushions? - NO! - be placing and tidying the cushions, the comfort of the cushion of both the seat and the backrest had to be integrated into the sofa and avoid independent cushions. We had achieved a light, non-deformable sofa without independent cushions. 

These were the two premises, now it was time to shape and get the right comfort. Thus was born Oruga Concept. Its design, horizontal seams, buttons and vertical fabric stripes allows us a unique customization in which to coordinate colors and fabrics, thus for the most daring and original Oruga Concept, allows them to create and design a unique piece. 

Custom handmade manufacturing on request. 

Unique, exclusive and 100% to your liking. 

Caterpillar Concept® · trademark and registered designs. 

Exp. No. 3657897/5

Our designs are manufactured to the measure you want as well as in an extensive range of fabrics, for this reason its price may vary according to your needs.

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