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BELGIAN LINEN ™ Collection Only 6 weavers worldwide can carry the Belgian Linen ™ quality label. Since 1960, a symbol of linen woven in Belgium of at least 85% European flax fiber. It is a guarantee of quality, traceability and authenticity managed and controlled independently by the Belgian Linen Association. MASTERS OF LINEN ® Guarantees that the fabric is completely manufactured in Europe. A guarantee of transparent production processes and traceability.

Adamas® & Arya soft, comfortable, resistant, protected and clean fabrics, always clean. Easyclean® stain resistant

Adamas and Arya fabrics with Easyclean® Nanotechnology Problems with dirt and stains are a thing of the past. Easyclean® Technology is a revolutionary treatment that allows stains to be cleaned simply by using a little water. Thus, we get a very simple and fast maintenance. This treatment waterproofs each fiber with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from entering the tissue. (Nanotechnology Process). This allows us to clean the stains without having to go through the washing machine or remove the cushions of our sofa.

How to act in front of a stain? 

1. Remove excess waste poured on upholstery. 

2. Apply water to the stain, either directly or with a soft, drained absorbent cloth or soft sponge. Wait a few seconds. 

3. Press on the stain with the cloth or sponge and gently rub on the fabric in circular motions. If the stain does not disappear completely, repeat the process as many times as necessary.


1. What are the differences and advantages between Easyclean® Technology and the different liquid repellents on the market? 

Liquid repellents are effective while the stain is on the surface because they block the entry of liquids for a few minutes. Once the stain has penetrated the tissue, they cease to be because it is difficult to clean the fabric completely due to the remains of dirt that have been embedded in the fabric. In addition to acting as a liquid repellent, Easyclean® Technology also acts to facilitate cleaning. 

2. What types of stains can be cleaned with Easyclean®? 

At present there has been no domestic stain that has resisted. Sauces, bitumen, hot and cold liquids, soft drinks, cakes, ink ... Easyclean® has notably passed laboratory tests, even against extreme stains such as permanent markers. Although in these extreme cases it is sometimes necessary to use a drop of soap diluted in water. 

3. Have I tried cleaning the tissue using only water, but it doesn't go away at all? 

Easyclean® makes cleaning easy: most stains can be removed simply by using water without adding anything else. However, if you add some neutral soap it will cost you less to completely remove the stain.

Other tips 

Heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces can damage upholstery if they are too close. Make sure there is enough distance between them and the furniture. 

Direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade and the fabric to wear out sooner. Protect your upholstery with blinds or curtains. 

Pets can damage your upholstery. Remove the inevitable household dust and common dirt by vacuuming with low suction power and using a soft upholstery nozzle. 

Adamas® is a fabric developed exclusively for ATEMPORAL HOME INTERIORS. 

Available in 16 colors.